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World Of Water by Samantha Pelz and Dedicated to Leelah

For Leelah…

Hate is like an ocean

A person drowning

Who is this poor soul

Torn and ragged



Who is this person fighting against the current?

Is this person a man? A Woman? Gay? Straight?

Does it matter?

Aren’t we all in an ocean?

Is there an all-powerful being controlling the tides?

Allowing souls like this one to sink

For the good to drown

For the evil to find land and safe harbor

Is this soul like so many others

Sinking in the sin of being different?


They are drowning in the cold,

Disdainful contempt of society

Not to the life guards

Advocates battling the storm rescuing the submerged

But too the critical ignorant bigots

Too the passive onlookers

How many more will drown?

How many more will die till things change?

That answer is in your hearts

It can only be found in society’s

Endless Ocean of hate

Samantha is a guest writer whose heartfelt prose has warranted a special poetry edition of the Atheist Analysis Blog today. Please let us know if you would like to see more like this in the future and please take the time to comment for such a wonderful piece of art. -Deafilosophy-

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