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Why I Am an Atheist – Atheist Analysis Presents The Personal Journey Series

Why I am an Atheist To begin, I was born going to church, my involvement in the religious aspect lasting from 1982 to about early 2013. My journey towards becoming an atheist began when I was involved with the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW’s) and was watching YouTube videos based on people having initially been involved with JW’s yet were no longer. Watching these videos made me wonder if the common reference to the JW’s as being a cult was true, but all the the while, I could not really see it. With fear as a common tactic described as the consensus of being part of a cult, ALL of Christianity along with Islam would be a cult.

Pretty sure that most religions would fit into this category as well. Having associated with the JW’s for approximately seven years, I started becoming disillusioned with the whole thing, especially after I started listening to atheist podcasts such as Dogma Debate, The Thinking Atheist, and The Atheist Experience. Having changed my religious affiliation on Facebook from Christian to Atheist, I started studying with some Mormons, just to see what it was that they had to offer. This was due to a curiosity that I have had since at least high school. Eye opening was the information that they provided along with info that I had found on the internet, particularly the sites that held information pointing to the contradictions of Mormonism.

After studying with the Mormon missionaries a couple times, I was baptized. Funny thing, after becoming baptized, I started to notice that I believed none of what they believed. Unfortunately, I didn’t start searching the internet about Mormonism until after I was baptized. The whole thing was just a bit silly to me, especially when they were saying the things that I knew and had learned was absolute rubbish. Their learning material was, to me, something that seemed to be made for a child-like mindset.

As for the JW’s, it soon came to my attention, apart from their continuous attempts at false prophecy as much of Christianity does, was that the date 1914 was false. 1914 is based off of the destruction of Jerusalem that happened in 597. According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, the date is 607 B.C.E. as according to most of Christianity. Evidence proves 597 was the true date as proven by science.

Concerning general Christianity, the conflict of “inspiration” concerning verses of the bible has been a constant eye opening experience. Since the bible says that “god” is not the author of confusion, this conflict shouldn’t even exist. This has been a single brick in the whole foundation that brought me to being an atheist.

Then there’s the whole concept of The Great Flood. First, the flood waters. Too much salt water would kill fresh water fish. Too much fresh water would kill salt water life. Second, the vegetation. As long as the flood had lasted, the vegetation would have been killed. As a Christian friend mentioned, six months is the least amount of time for vegetation to grow back. Who can wait six months to eat again? How about the herbivores? Third, animal life on the boat itself.

At 8.7 million animals having been cataloged, 6.5 million are land animals. Following what is given towards the end of Genesis chapter 6 and use the two by two, then there’d be 13 million animals on the boat. Who has the time to gather 13 million animals from all over the world along with the food required for them to eat in 7 days according to Genesis 7?

When I had seen the video by The Thinking Atheist on the Flood story, these were some of the points brought up and truly made me think. Along with this that the carnivores would also have needed something eat so the possibility of no more herbivores would also have been good. The Carnivores would have needed something to eat and therefore would have eaten the herbivores, omnivores, and the entirety of Noah’s family due to lack of food.


Lastly, with the constant expansion of the universe, there is continually less and less where “god” can hide. If biblical creation had been true, the universe would be largely smaller then what it is now. Rocks would also be younger than they are now.

As an atheist having grown up in the church and Christianity in general, I have come to my freedom through the benefit of the internet. The internet has benefited me with great freedom from providing the information necessary to break free from religion. For this I am grateful and will use it as a continual source for my growth as an individual and to help those around me.

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