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Why do Christians and Muslims Believe Scientology is Crazy?


Many people in general have this idea that Scientology is a crazy religion; far more so than Christianity or Islam. Many Christians would probably even agree that Scientology is crazier than Islam. I wonder how many of those people even know what Scientology believes in. I must admit that I am not all that familiar with Scientology either. The only real knowledge I had about it before I started writing this post was from the “Trapped in the Closet” episode of  South Park, which I can remember watching with my mouth wide open as I was shocked to learn what some of their beliefs actually are. Yes, it may sound crazy that alien spirits are what lead to all the bad things in the world, but why is that so much more crazy than all the bad things in the world resulting from a woman who ate an apple, which would fill her with knowledge, that she was not suppose to have, because a magical person in the sky told her not to, and she was tricked into doing so by a talking snake. Other than the magical book that each religion has that claims to know everything, there is no real evidence for either of these events taking place. So how is no evidence more crazy than no evidence?Many people will point to the fact that Scientology was created by a person who was a science fiction author. It is true that L. Ron. Hubbard was a science fiction writer but still, what is their point? His claims about there being a galactic federation of planets 75 million years ago may sound strange, but why? 75 million years is much closer to the actual age of the Earth or the Universe than 6,000 years. There are over a 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone and more than 100 billion galaxies in the known universe. The chances of there being other life out there is pretty high. He appears to have been believing in something much bigger than the people who started Christianity or Islam. Plus if that is not enough, Scientology followers can use a favorite line of religious people in general, “you cannot disprove it!”


One thing we know for sure is that we are one hundred percent sure Hubbard existed.  We cannot say with the same certainty that Jesus existed. Hubbard may have been a science fiction writer, but the only known information or proof of Jesus as “the son of god” comes from a science fiction book. The evidence for Muhammad existing is very questionable at best and no where near as solid as our evidence that Hubbard existed. I mean Muhammad did make the claim in the The Quran that he went up to heaven and met with Moses and god and then came back to Earth in a single night. We have sent how many people into space. We sent them in real rockets that were created by way of facts and evidence acquired through the scientific method, and not once has anyone reported that there was a magical place for people to go to after they die. Granted, Hubbard being real does not mean that his claims are. It seems the “Sacred Scriptures” are just as much a piece of science fiction as The Bible and The Quran; all three lack the evidence to back up their claims.


Like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism; Scientology has a set of their own rituals, days to worship, and days of celebration. One ritual that I found interesting was the funeral service.  Scientologists believe in reincarnation and their funeral services are more of a celebration. They celebrate the person’s life and their transition to the next phase. Scientology has its services on Sunday, but they put less emphasis on attendance than some other religions. Scientology celebrates Hubbard’s birthday, March 13th, similar to Christianity celebrating Jesus’ birthday. One difference, though, we know with certainty that Hubbard was born on March 13th (we’re not so sure about Jesus being born on December 25th). Those are only a few of their rituals, and again I admit that my knowledge of Scientology is not vast, but how are they crazier than some of the rituals of other religions? For example, here is a ritual that is still practiced by some in the Jewish community. It resulted in some babies receiving the herpes virus from a rabbi during a circumcision ritual. What about honor killingrituals? Here is a 17 year old girl who was stoned to death, in the middle of the day, while onlookers recorded it on their phones. Her crime was being seen–not for marrying, not for having sex–but merely being seen with a boy from a different sect of Islam. Are these rituals some of the more extreme rituals practiced by a small percent of the Islamic and Jewish community? Maybe? Maybe not? Honor killings are more common around the world than most people think. There are even people who preach about it being moral. I could not find more information about how many people still use this particular circumcision ritual. It does not matter though whether these rituals are practiced by a small or a large percent of Muslims and Jews. That is not the point. The point is why are they even in these religious belief systems in the first place?


A book is only accepted as fact when there are multiple outside sources to back up all the claims presented in it. There is no religious book out there that meets this criteria. That means that the holy books of all these religions are fiction, plain and simple. They give no right to anyone nor do they justify any human rights violation in the real world–the world we all live in together and share with one another. People killing, torturing, imprisoning, or abusing others because of a fiction book is wrong. There is no justification for that. Followers of Scientology trying to rid themselves of space alien parasites because of the stories that Hubbard wrote may sound absurd, but are they really? I mean Catholics believe that the wine and bread they eat during communion literally changes into the actual blood and flesh of a 2,000 year old person whom they cannot even prove actually existed. And Muslims believe that Muhammad rode a flying horse, with a humanoid face, and peacock feathers for a tail up to heaven. When one lives in a world where facts and evidence do not matter, why is anything less possible or more crazy than anything else? Some people may say that these claims by Scientology are ridiculous, but followers of Scientology may say, “you just have to have faith.”

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