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Why are Atheists so Outspoken?

Why are Atheists so outspoken about religion? Nothing happens to them after they’re dead; so what’s the big deal? Why do they even care? It’s true, most Atheists think that being dead is the same as before we were born. There is no hard evidence to suggest otherwise. That is why we focus on today; we are not worried about tomorrow, regardless of what mythologies claim. Atheists are outspoken against religion because religion is an insult to humanity. (One does not have to be an Atheist to be anti-religion. They can be separate.) Every animal, including homo sapiens, is born with a natural curiosity about the world we live in. Our ability to think is what separates us from every other known animal on this planet. Religion actively works to kill these two amazing abilities that each one of us is born with, by enslaving our minds from the moment we are brought into this world. They tell people what to think, not how to think. They stop people from asking questions and being curious by claiming to have all the answers. So why again are Atheist outspoken? We care about humanity and its future. We only have today to make a difference and we are going to make the most of it. What kind of foundation do we want tomorrow’s generation to stand upon?


It is important to understand human beings and society on a deeper level before we can answer this question. There is a saying about Homo Sapiens, “we are creatures of habit.” Think about all the schedules and routines that we take part in as a society and in our personal lives: work, school, and morning coffee are just a few examples. Habits are familiar to us and in turn provide us immediate comfort. We will even continue doing habits that we know are bad for us because of the short term comfort they provide; smoking is a great example. Habits are hard to break and the bigger the habit the harder the effort to break. Look at the issue of slavery and people with black skin in America. Slavery is a terrible offense to humanity, even if the bible supports it. Slavery took place in America for almost 250 years before it was abolished in 1865. America even had to fight a war against itself to get slavery abolished. 149 years later and equality for all is still an issue in America; just look at the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Big societal changes, even if it is the right thing, take a large amount of time. Women’s rights is another great example. Women in America could not vote until 1920, 124 years after the country was founded. Interestingly enough, religion, particularly Christianity and Islam, played and still play a huge role in how poorly women have been treated throughout history and still in the world today. Both religions’ “holy books” call for the subjugation of half of Earth’s population.

The two examples above demonstrate how hard it is to bring about positive change in the world. These changes did not take place by people who sat back and did nothing. Martin Luther King Jr. was in people’s faces about the need for change. He pointed out the injustices that were happening to African Americans all over the country. He did it peacefully through non-violent actions; he used his words and mind, not his fists. He was a great man and the world is a better place because of the actions he took and for the examples that he made for all of us to follow. What if this great man was more sensitive to whites and others who wanted to keep the status quo? What if he cared more about being sensitive to bigots than he was about protecting African Americans from all the physical abuse that was happening to them?

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How many more victims will it take before we make a change?

How many more examples of Emmett Till would there be? Emmett Till was a black 14 year old boy who supposedly whistled at a white women in Mississippi in the year 1955. For this “crime” he was brutally murdered by two white males. They stood trial but were found not guilty on all accounts even though the evidence against them was overwhelming. Their jury was made up of all white males from the south, because women and blacks were not allowed to serve on juries. A few months later they not only admitted to the crime of brutally murdering Till, but they made $4,000 by selling the story to Look magazine. Martin Luther King Jr. knew he had to act in order to stop these kind of injustices from happening to his fellow Earthlings. Much in the same, Atheists want change now because of all the injustices that happen all over the world due to religion. One powerful example is the Catholic Church and how they care more about protecting child rapists than they do about protecting children. They even move these child rapists to new towns so that they can feast on new young vulnerable flesh that is completely unaware of the vicious nature that is hidden behind these “men of god.” How many more small innocent boys and girls need to get viciously violated by these molesters, who they are indoctrinated to believe will protect them, before Catholics around the world stop giving their money to this organized criminal cult?


Atheists are outspoken because we have to be. Change will not take place if we are not working hard to bring the injustices that take place due to religion into the social spot light. We are a huge minority, especially in America where the christian faith still has a firm grip on social media. Think about how many times the villain in a movie is called a “godless heathen.” We are not only fighting religious dogma in today’s society, we are fighting almost 2,000 years of indoctrination and cult conditioning that has taken place over hundreds of generations. Religion is an enslavement of the mind. Mythology, whether it be christian, islamic, or Greek, does not make sense nor is it reasonable when one looks at it objectively. That is why religions need to get children while their minds are vulnerable and more easily enslaved. Atheists understand this, because the majority of us at one point in time were victims of this mental abuse. Freedom and equality are amazing but they mean nothing if we stop fighting once we have achieved it individually. Our minds are free, but our hearts will never be as long as our brothers and sisters of Earth continue to suffer at the hands of these religious injustices. Harriet Tubman may have understood this better than anyone else. She was a former slave in America who escaped to the Northern states where she would no longer be a slave. Her personal freedom meant nothing to her, unless her fellow Earthlings had it as well. At great personal risk, she made the trip back south 19 times to help free others and then served in the union army to help fight for the abolition of slavery.


The number one violator of human rights around the world is religion, because they want to keep the morals and knowledge base of the time periods that they were created in. That makes zero sense. They are so afraid of change that at one point being left handed was even considered evil. Any rational person understands that being born left handed is as natural as being born homosexual. Atheists are not going to be understood by everyone, that is why it is important for us to find ways to get our message across about the injustices of religion dogmas and the absolutes that they forcefully impose on people. Religion tries to enslave the human mind, the main thing that separates us from all the other animals in the world. Would it really make sense for a “higher power” to create humans with the ability to think just so they could not use it? Take some time to look at the bigger picture. Think about who is and who has been the biggest opponent to equality throughout history. Think about women’s rights. Think about homosexual rights. Take some time to read what the “holy books” say about how we are “commanded” to treat our fellow Earthlings. Religion itself is a barrier against Earth reaching a society where we all see each other as equal, because religions only see those people who choose to blindly follow whatever they command them to as good. Think about what Earth needs most. Do we want a society where our minds are free? In order to build a better tomorrow, Earth needs to work as one. That will never happen as long as there is religion and that is why Atheists are so outspoken.


Do not let someone put a cage on your potential.

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