• Chris Hanna

Who is Evil?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Think about the world, think about what you last heard in world news, think of the people outside the beige walls of ‘murica, and ask yourself who is the bad guy… Let your preconceptions go, let what you have been told lightly wash away from your thoughts, put down your blinders, and peel off your aluminum foil helmet before you ask yourself who, when you hear the cries of the world, who is evil?

When you heard of the violations to the fourth amendment’s protection from unreasonable search and seizure in the obvious violations of your personal privacy right here in the US of A by the NSA who did you blame?  Did you blame the guy who risked his life and freedom to tell the world of a security state in gestation?  Did you resent the people who broke your white picket 2.5 children bubble or did you look with disdain upon the people you had trusted.  The people we, you and me, entrusted to protect us from tyranny and ill will, from lack of reasoning, and from people who would willingly use the system to benefit their own selfish ideology?

When you heard of the encroachment of Russia into the turmoil of Ukraine, turmoil resulting from a president who used insider economic means to redistribute almost half of the country’s developmental money into his home region, made his own son one of the richest men in the country, and established an elite class of industry tycoons all of who took advantage of poor economic conditions believed to have been brought on by the detrimental and favoring policy, under the guise of demanding payment for the 15 billion dollar bailout given in a time of need.  Who did you think was the villain?  Was it the homosexuals jailed and or beaten in the streets by an almost orthodox c*****ian ruling class and brainwashed Russian populace? I think not, once again it was the people of a faith and given power to rule.  People trusted to use moral and rational judgement, to entertain just and humane policy with the good of mankind in the scope.

Have you heard of the religious segregation in the northern Irish school systems that separate and encourage racism, bigotry, and xenophobic tendencies in children?  Schools where conditioning and indoctrination are the norm, where the earth is 6000 years old,where jesus used to pet velociraptors, and legislation promoting useful scientific skepticism is routinely shot down by people like Edwin Poots.  Did you blame the falling intelligence quotient and lack of scientifically literate northern Irish children on the secular governments and educations systems like Sweden and their estimated 85% atheist or agnostic population?  Did you attribute this lack of religion to the moral and intellectual idiocy of a country that doesn’t need god to lead the world in more categories to mention?  Take a minute and look at how prosperous they are, go ahead, ill wait right here with a stupid grin on my face.

When you heard of the rape and mutilation of millions of children all over the world by religious figures what did you think?  What did you say when you heard the catholic church would just simply move these people to a new locale instead of make example and bestow upon them the consequences of the law.  Or did you yearn for punishments, certainly just, for the violation of the basic inalienable human rights not just of the adult but of the innocent child.  Did you blame the atheist? Did your godless scapegoats scuttle and run under god’s eternal all seeing and knowing light while people of the cloth forced themselves upon the flesh of the truly undeserving?

When was the last time you saw the gay people truly deserving of your hate, when was the last time you saw the atheists beating a person in the street because of the color, sexual preference, or religious symbol around their neck, when was the last time you asked yourself, of all the horrors in the world, who is evil and is it who you have been told is?

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