• Christopher Tanner

Understanding the Rumors of a Christian God

Here at Atheist Analysis we try to bring the most well balanced materials to our viewers. We do not want people to believe without evidence but sometimes we feel it is necessary to entertain ideas that we have already come to a conclusion on. This is what our series Conversations With Christians is all about. Our goal was to provide a safe environment for Christians that allowed them to express what they believed on different topics. We wanted to provide a space where Christians could bring their beliefs and tell us what and why they believe. We feel that by providing them a space to express what they believe that it will give them more courage to question what they believe and why they believe it. We all know this can be beneficial to getting someone started down the path of skepticism and will hopefully challenge them to really own what they believe.


Our goal with this series is to talk with people of faith, give the atheist viewer entertainment, and a way for both Christians and Atheist to see why a Christian believes what they believe while giving them a platform to talk rationally. If you enjoy this type of education and entertainment please let us know. If you have individuals that you would recommend to our show please contact our Managing Director Christopher Tanner to schedule them. If you are someone of faith and want a place to discuss your beliefs and show atheists why they should believe also email us and let us know.

We would love for more people to get involved in the conversation. We are the positive team that will allow the Christians to make their points but we will provide counter points and questions that will help everyone to think more deeply about their beliefs. Without this close inspection of everyone’s beliefs, how would we be able to grow. Join us tonight as we talk with David Z Stamp and actor and a Libertarian Christian tell us why he still holds onto his beliefs.

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