• Chris Hanna

To look into the eyes of god

Updated: Nov 16, 2020


I offer nothing new, nothing enlightening beyond my years, and certainly less eloquent than what has been said before me. Yet there is personal comfort in writing the thoughts and meanings within my own mind, to elaborate and discover the true meaning or even bias towards which I stand firm upon this soap box. My decision to leave mysticism and magic, fallacy and faith, religion and god falls not to divine persuasion or the promises of eternal glory and grandeur of my current worldview but from questions, questions I will explore here and now.

If god itself came to me and proved the existence and validity of one or all theology could I, would I, profess my servitude?

The first instinct upon receiving evidence of this magnitude would be to throw my hands to the sky and declare my faults. But, with the power of will and consideration of the fact, that while improbable, there is a less than minimal scientific possibility that a sky king does exist without that revelation. So with the understanding of of this potential truth why have I chosen not to believe? Why with even the remotest possibility of eternal hellfire and damnation have I forsaken the proposed creator and loving father of all humanity? These are the real questions that establish my argument against serving a god even should it show itself through physical evidence and my own five senses.

To this benevolent and loving creature I would begin, YOU created all humanity in YOUR image yet drive them apart with your infallible written will. YOU ostensibly hide from this plane of existence and allow terror and destruction in your own name. YOUR prophets are incongruent and biased with time, racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. YOUR followers isolate, maim, subjugate, and murder their fellow humans, using YOUR laws, for acts of heresy even though YOU created their minds with such capabilities. This very day people are deprived of their basic and inalienable human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness because they are told that their worldview or lifestyle is different from the majority, one again in YOUR name.

In the end it always comes to this, the primitive notions of eternal goodness beyond our understanding, eternal knowledge of that which is best for us as millions die daily of malnutrition and disease, and finally the bloated promise of a better life in the after where you will get everything you were promised but did not receive in this one… This is a character of primitive lies, a jealous and childish imp whose negligence or outright lack of divinity have resulted in the torture and genocide of its creations, and a belligerent arrogance to demand faith and servitude lest thou be damned.

I would look into the eyes of god and laugh.

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