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The Blind Facebook Algorithm is Eating Anti-Racism

An old post where I was disparaging racism and white nationalists was flagged on Facebook and I was banned for a day today and tomorrow… The following is a paraphrase of what was in the post…

Tucker Carlson recently espoused something frighteningly close to blatant white nationalism; he said: “Their goal is to change your country forever and they are succeeding by the way.”

That statement — “Their goal is to change your country forever” — is hideously close to the 14 words white supremacists and little Nazis like Stephen Miller like to spout.

14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

If this is the country they want, I would agree with Tucker. My goal is to change this country forever to one where bitter old men don’t decide it’s fine to abuse brown people and children. If that’s what he means, then fine. And let’s consign Fox News to the garbage bin of history while we’re at it too.

Credit to the following site for the great thoughts.


So the zuckerberg algorithm just assumes that if those words are in a group that its racism? The AI apocalypse is hardly in danger if simple context is simply impossible…

Just another reason I don’t see a long future with Facebook for me.

-Chris Hanna

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