• Christopher Tanner

The Ark Encounter: One Man’s Dedication to Ignorance and Lies

Ken Ham and his followers remind me a lot of the Mormons. In general terms, they have a fair amount of similar traits: non-violent, blissfully happy, respect freedom of speech, and each group actively works hard to stay ignorant about reality. All good traits to have, except for the last one. People who actively try hard to stay ignorant about reality typically have some delusional views. Ken Ham is a perfect example of that. Who in their right mind would think that it is a good idea to turn global genocide into a “happy-go-lucky” amusement park? How many other Earthlings are disturbed by this?

Noah’s Ark is just a fictional story, but Creationists believe it is real. Fictional or not, though, it is unsettling to see people celebrate a story about global genocide. That would be similar to making a restaurant for the Inquisition. Why not make a restaurant to “celebrate” the Inquisition though? I mean, if you are going to celebrate the imaginary time that your god killed 99.999% of his children, why not celebrate the time that your god’s followers actually murdered people for him? After all, they were just following his orders (2 Chronicles 15: 12-13 NAB).

Can you imagine it? Ken Ham and “the banana man”  talking about their future plans…

“Our god is great and can do whatever he wants. Let’s celebrate the time that he killed all his children, except one family (leaving the Earth to be repopulated by incest, for the second time).”

” Yes, and let’s turn it into an amusement park!”

“While we are at it, let’s open up a steak restaurant and call it “The Inquistion!”

“Think about all the money we will make!”

This was not a real conversation, but it cannot be that far from the truth. They are suing the government for tax money ($18,000,000 to be exact) to help build this park, after all. Ken Ham must not understand how secularism works. Secularism means “freedom from religion” not “freedom of religion to do whatever it wants.”

If Ken Ham speaks for the christian god, why doesn’t he just pray for help? Doesn’t prayer work that way? You tell your perfect god, who supposedly knows everything, how you believe he could do a better job; if the prayer is answered, then the individual takes it as “a sign,” and if the prayer is not answered, then the individual says “god is mysterious.” Either way, the imaginary sky wizard is never wrong and should always be feared- at least that is the perception that most religious people hold.

Ken Ham is delusional. He wants people to believe that a 500 year old drunk built a giant ark with very primitive tools, but he needs $18,000,000 from the Kentucky government to build an actual ark. What happened to his god’s powers? Did he lose some powers over the years? Or maybe his god has no power in reality.

What does everyone else think about Ken Ham? What do others think about his desire to build an amusement park to celebrate a fictional story about global genocide?

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