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Somebody took my folding table, so I’m out of business

Inspiration comes in small packages. Meet “Jeff” “47” from New York as he shares his story:


“If this man can create such a dramatic change in his life’s path with a folding table – ask yourself what you can do with seemingly unlimited resources. What’s your folding table?” – Jennifer Rahe


I did a reverse phone lookup of the fax number in the background. This man is located at 400 east 9th street near the Line market. Let’s get him a folding table!”  – Social Media Table Finding Hero

Humans of New York Reminds Us,

“The table was an interesting detail not because someone eventually took it, but because he created such a big change in his life with something so materially insignificant.”


From The Author:

Sometimes, I get on these “not so creepy, but a little, creeper stalker” journeys.. When someone does something “humanistic” I like to get to know them a little more. I checked out this “Social Media Table Finding Hero” guy on FaceBook. From what I gather, he is a pretty interesting individual. He’s a soon to be married, Chicago Bulls Fan from Illinois. I love his positivity. His cover photo is this “Choose A Positive Thought” graphic.. but this guy took it a step further and “Chose A Positive Action”–from 803 miles away… that’s humanism. I wonder what would happen if we all did that?

Choose A Positive Thought, Choose A Positive Action.

You never know what “Hinges” on it. 🙂

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Editors Notes: This Is A True Story. Names/Ages/Locations/Etc.. may have been changed ONLY to protect and provide anonymity. Additional Notes: This happened on January 2nd, 2014. FeaturedPhotoCredit/Original: http://www.humansofnewyork.com

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