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Science ‘Proves’ Jack the Ripper, Next God?


I know this is a stretch, but please follow me down the rabbit hole. As we know, it would have been absurd to believe that humans had evolved or had any connection on a molecular level to many species around us one hundred years before Darwins day; that is exactly why no one believed it (mostly). Before Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) was discovered by Watson & Crick, it would have been almost impossible to truly know who had committed a serious crime without catching the perpetrator red handed, but now it is just the natural progression of how one would investigate a crime scene. Science pushes itself forward in ways we could never have dreamed mere generations before – in my opinion the truest beauty of all that is around us is the understanding and the ignorance that only science can bring us.

For thousands of years religions have slowly lost credibility and fervour, turning what used to be 100% militant adherent into the poor excuse for “faith” we see on earth today. The “extremists” or as I call them “literalists” of today, were the norm just one thousand years ago – but as each page of the Torah, The Bible & the Quran is proven false – the population and even the churches have began to conform with reality. What was once Gospel and unchanging is now a “metaphor” For example:

1082 – “Jesus walked on water, I proclaim, and therefore it is, if you utter against it you will be hung drawn and quartered.” – Some British guy, probably my ancestor.

2014 – “Well obv Jesus didn’t walk on water!!! It is like, erm, like, totally a meta4 about how we shud rise above and stuff.” – Some British teenager, probably a cousin.

The more and more stories and “facts” from the bible (and other ‘holy books’) are proven false, the less important religion gets – the more moderate the masses become.

I have always noticed the smug attitude of a believer, when backed into a corner and ridiculed and beaten in every logical and educational way, finally retorts with, “You can never prove God doesn’t exist!” Although I never found this a compelling argument, and any shall I say, educated people (including believers) can understand why that is a bad position, and logically unsound – I have marveled at the supremacy of it. Sure, it seems true enough, I can never disprove God. I often wonder what it is like to go through life thinking you know the answer to everything, I would hate it – through education I have finally found out how ignorant humans are about what we see around us; we have barely figured out how to co-exist and understand the planet we live on, and there are another fascinating gizz-million more planets out there to discover (not a real number… yet)

But does science not advance beyond our understanding? Did we once have no evidence that Noah live to be 900 odd years old? We damn sure have that evidence now! So what’s to say we won’t go further?

It has just come to my attention that one of my all time favorite mysteries and legends may have been uncovered. As an Englishmen it is local legend to me, but I would love to know how the story of Jack the Ripper has translated around the world, and if other countries have just as much intrigue as we do towards this being. After 14 years of hard work, DNA evidence has supposedly proven a 100% match between a polish suspect of the Whitechapel crimes, and a known descendent of said man. Have scientists finally found the real Jack the Ripper?

Aaron Kosminski was 23 at the time of the murders, a well known suspect for the conspiracy theorists old and new, and a man who died in a lunatic asylum at age 53 (FUN FACT – As soon as he entered the asylum the murders ended abruptly).

At the murder scene of Catherin Eddowes, a large cloth was recovered and saved for over 126 years, bought in 2007 at auction by a budding sleuth. On said cloth, was found both blood and semen – which is now proven as the blood of Eddowes and the semen of Mr Kosminski. The first test, a swab from the inside of the mouth of Kosminksi’s descendant matched 99.2% with the DNA found on the shawl; never good enough for a scientist, the test was redone, to a 100% match. We’ve got you, you murdering, disembowelling and mysterious, maybe raping, son of a bitch.

Dr Jari Louhelainen, a molecular biologist at Liverpool John Moores University (home city – proud moment) performed the tests, and peer-review of his findings is to commence shortly – one would hope.  This outcome was unknowable just a few hours ago; science has a way of blowing us away and leaving us in awe. I know scientific analysis has also prove the “shroud of turin” as a fake in the past, and the countless “Noah’s arcs”, but this is something more profound – a real mystery once lost to the ages.

Yes, peer review may prove this test wrong, but the fact the test can be done is a marvel in itself. I think the logical conclusion to knowing that science can come at us from left field has to be followed, and where it leads me you ask? That once we wondered why the Sun got cold and changed color at night, and then science. We danced for rain, and then science. We sacrificed animals and children for a harvest, and then microwaves … I mean more science. I have no faith that science will one day prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how this all came to be – I have a good feeling based on the evidence presented to me through the past three hundred years.

I honestly think that before our species is wiped off of this earth, an atheist with a smug face will say “Alas! We figured it out with this new scientific testing – and guess what? It isn’t a giant white guy with a beard! Some people are going to be pretty embarrassed tomorrow.”

Science, it works … Bitches.

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