• Christopher Tanner

Prison, Faith, and Statistics

A look at the faith of prisoners looking for pen pals on blackandpink.org

It is often claimed that the US prison population is made up primarily (est. 74%) of people who ascribe to the Christian faith. I personally always felt this statistic to be a bit grandiose, even for the US.

When I came across the website blackandpink.org which offers people the opportunity to be a pen pal to people in prison I noticed that they allow you to select who you will correspond with based on a number of filters including race, gender, and religion.

I thought it might be a fun exercise to try filtering all potential pen pals by the 10 faiths listed.  Here’s how it turned out.


Christianity is a clear winner! Not terribly surprising when you consider the pre-existing statistics found regarding the religious affiliations of US prison populations. But in terms of what you’d expect from people who ascribe to Christianity, that number is huge!

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