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No True Scotsman: From ISIS to Westboro to Saturday Night Live

Moderates have funny logic. “ISIS and Westboro Baptist Church are not “real” christians or muslims.”…”Sure, just like Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon are not “real” SNL’ers; who am I? Just some Earthling who watched an episode once.”

It’s quite puzzling to me why so many people act like moderates have a more respectable opinion  than fundamentalists when it comes to understanding what the holy books say. Who is going to know more – fans or super fans? Isn’t that all ISIS is after all? They really love the Qu’ran and its teachings, and now they want to turn reality into their mythological world where women are to blame for all problems (similar to the Biblical world). The majority of people who are religious moderates have never read their holy book, at least not in its entirety. Moderates claim that fundamentalists are radicals, but what they really are saying is their religion is radical, when it is followed in a fundamental way. Moderates, why do fundamentalists and cult followers have such similar behavior patterns? In other words, why is it that the closer one follows your holy book, the more delirious one appears to become?

Let’s look at a few other examples to demonstrate how ridiculous it is that people believe moderates have a better understanding than fundamentalists.

If you wanted information about Saturday Night Live, would you ask someone who watches a couple episodes a year or would you ask Will Ferrell?

Logo Game of Thrones

If you wanted to learn about another culture, would you talk with someone who lived there or would you talk to someone who just Googled it? Well, most likely, talking with someone who lived there is going to be better than talking to the person who just Googled it, but the best option would to immerse yourself directly into the culture through travel! Travel and experience that culture first hand – that is the best way.

The simple reason why humanity stands behind moderates over fundamentalists is because they are better overall Earthlings; they are safer to be around, less delusional, and less violent. Moderates are better people, not because they are better but because they are worse religion “fans”. In other words, moderates are better people, not because of their religion, but in spite of it. There seems to be a theme here; the more religious one is, the less humanity one has, and the less religious one is, the more humanity they appear to have – generally speaking, of course.

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