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Nature is Not Your Friend… But Transhumanism Is


For all of human history, humans have been forced to die from the natural effects of aging. Unless humans have been living forever in secret unbeknownst to our history books, they had no choice in the matter of death. But now, with advancements in medicine and technology, death is seemingly becoming closer to being a choice for possibly, the first time in history—that is, if we survive long enough to benefit from these therapies.

But even despite this apparent choice in the foreseeable future, many people claim they would still choose death and their actions suggest they are telling the truth. They seem to be very happy with accepting the hand that nature has dealt them. They show no fear as they draw nearer to the end of their lives. This attitude of accepting death is what we call Deathism (see “Deathism Explained”)

The parallels between Deathism & Stockholm syndrome

In many ways, deathists exhibit symptoms of someone who is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Mankind has been held hostage by death for so long that most of us have learned to be helpless and we gave up fighting. It’s as if nature’s plan of involuntary death from aging has broken our spirit, and now we just go along with the plan. We don’t question it. Betraying our own survival instincts, we have become willing victims.

Feeling utterly helpless against death and aging, we eventually began to praise death as a good thing. This is comparable to a Stockholm syndrome victim developing romantic feelings for their abuser…

Death has been so traumatic for our species, that many of us have actually bonded to our abuser and deny our own victimization. Now, most of society can no longer see death for the monster that it is. They have deceived themselves in order to cope with reality. Society holds nature’s plan in such high regard, that they can no longer see how nature uses and abuses them. In psychology, this is called “traumatic bonding” and is typical of someone who is suffering from “battered-person syndrome”. Society vehemently defends death like a battered woman attempts to make excuses for her abusive partner.

Our deathist society has fallen in love with an abusive monster who is holding them captive and murdering them right and left. In this hypnotic state, people cannot think rationally. Technology reaches it’s arm out to save them from the monster, but they treat it as though it were the enemy… transhumanism is demonized even though it’s very possibly humanity’s only hope for physical immortality.. .

Nature’s evil side

When people personify “Mother Nature”, she is usually portrayed as some innocuous, gentle soul. The hippy movement is largely responsible for this view of nature. But if we were trying to be honest, we would depict nature as a cruel and vicious serial killer. Mother nature is more like a succubus. At first she seduces us with the pleasures of life, but when we’re no longer useful to populate the planet, she’ll eat you alive. Nature is the ultimate facilitator of death.

The human mind is uniquely equipped with the intelligence to contemplate life and desire to live forever. But regardless of how badly we want to live, nature shows us no mercy.

The human dilemma of aging:

“Nature is not human hearted.” ~ Lao Tzu

Death as an evolutionary design

For whatever reason, making humans immortal isn’t on the agenda of evolution. There is an old saying which goes, “Nature with its frugal eye asks only that we mate and die.”

Many philosophers have argued that death is an evolutionary design of nature—a kind of planned obsolescence of humanity in order to keep the cycle of evolution continuing for the good of the species.

The religious pass the responsibility to God, claiming that death and aging is mankind’s punishment for disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.

But everything remains a theory, and regardless of which theory you go by, none of them are viable arguments to say we should not try to solve the problem of death.

Ludicrous pro-death arguments

Some say that we have a duty to die in order to make room for the next generation and that trying to live forever is selfish. This is a man-made idea which makes no sense and the core of this argument is based on an evil prejudice against old people… In essence, what they are saying is that human beings become less important as they get older. This kind of discrimination against the elderly is repulsive and we should protest and criticize anyone who takes this ageist stance.

By accepting our deaths we only perpetuate a never-ending cycle of death and meaninglessness. This self-deprecating attitude of humankind will inevitably be abandoned. We do not “owe” anything to a generation of people who have not been born! We are born and we are ALIVE. That makes us more important. Sooner or later a generation will rise up and claim physical immortality for themselves, so it might as well be us. Death should make us all very angry, and if nature will not save us, we must save ourselves.

“And now, rather than being a blind process, evolution can be a process that we can control. Maybe now we don’t all have to become martyrs to improve the species. Maybe now we can improve the species while continuing to live on.”~ Jason Silva

Over-Population is easily solved

The main argument against physical immortality is of course overpopulation. But this is an absurd argument because, as a people, nothing is forcing us to keep having children. We could easily set up a world government that enforces strict birth-control policies.

One option would be colonization of other planets. But, in the scenario that we were beginning to fill earth’s population capacity, we could enforce a mandate that if you wanted to have children, then you would be forced to give up your own life as an exchange for adding an additional life on this planet.

Another conceivable option for would-be parents of the future is to birth simulated children into virtual worlds that are near identical to real life. In the distant future, we might actually have something similar to the holodeck of Star Trek. This way people could experience the joys of parenthood without actually burdening the planet with another human.

Why we need to rebel against nature’s plan

Any kindness nature might have shown us is canceled out by her abandonment. Nature has betrayed us with death and we owe her nothing. It’s about time we stop worshiping nature as if we had a moral obligation to follow the plan nature has set for us.

Nor can we say that it’s “Gods plan” for us to age and die, because that would only be an assumption. The knowledge of whether or not there are Gods is inaccessible to humans, including any supposed knowledge of “God’s plan”. For all we know, God would want us to embrace the principals of transhumanism and pursue our physical immortality through life-extension technologies.

Why a God would approve of transhumanism

In the bible, Jesus said to strive for perfection—to strive to be as perfect as God

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”~ Jesus (Matthew 5:48)

This is the same basic idea of transhumanism, which seeks to perfect the human condition as much as possible using advancements in technology.

Considering that we have no sure knowledge of Gods or an afterlife, and God is not revealing himself to us in order to put our worries about death at ease, what should God expect us to do?

If God exists, surely he would not hold it against us that we are trying to prevent our physical death, which we perceive to be a permanent and irreversible destruction of our consciousness. . It is rational to assume the worst-case scenario and considering that a God has not revealed himself to humanity or proven his existence, surely he would want us to account for the possibility that he doesn’t exist. It would be suicidal for us to accept death on the mere possibility of there being an afterlife. Would God want us to be so careless with our life, which for all we know, is the only life we get?

It seems to me that if God exists, he would want us to show some tenacity and use our brains to become as much like a God as possible, including achieving physical immortality if it can be done. In fact, complacently accepting your death seems rather unappreciative of the gift of life, which religious people think God has gifted them with.

The divinity of machinery

There is something divine about the infallible nature of machinery. As humans, we have always sought to transcend the corruptibility of our flesh, which is one reason we find artificial intelligence so alluring.

The human journey is one of continual self-improvement as we strive to overcome our limitations. Robots are a perfect symbolism for the perfection that we aspire for. One day we could become robots ourselves—more indestructible, more God-like than we had ever dreamed possible. Like a God, we could wield power over nature and conform it to our own desires.

It’s time we oppose the “natural order” and impose a new world order, where perfect justice can be achieved. Imagine a world where humans could be masters of their own fate and no longer had to die involuntarily. Technology offers a promising hope of salvation.

Those that argue against transhumanism are essentially arguing against the next step of human evolution, which is inevitable. The human race has always used tools to survive and protect ourselves and this process will continue for as long as we are alive. We are finally developing tools that may enable us to achieve unlimited lifespans.

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