• Christopher Tanner

Living In A World Not Your Own

To imagine a nation, or people, or race without diversity of opinion is to imagine mindless totalitarianism; the death of what it is to be human (my opinion not a quotation from this article). We would do well to heed the words of Mr. Teachout, who once again writes beautifully on the topic. -Chris Hanna

Life Weavings

Contrary opinions are difficult to face. We see the world a particular way, utilize this perspective to provide justification for our actions and rarely tell our stories with anyone but ourselves being front and center. Contrary opinions are like having walked a seemingly comfortable marathon only to find out that there was something in a shoe giving you a blister. Thinking back you swear you hadn’t felt anything, reality has to be the way you remember, yet here it is, the now painful reminder that your world, your perspective, is only part of a wider one.

That wider world is pluralistic, it is filled with contrary, at times viciously expressed, and insipid opinions. These are all based on an interconnection of personal and familial background, cultural influences, ideological frameworks and even biological constraints. Within a representative democracy, there are two ways to deal with the surplus of perspectives, by active engagement…

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