• Christopher Tanner

Leave Well Enough Alone: How Doing Nothing Can Be Louder


I was recently enthralled to learn of a Satanic Temple temporary display that was to be erected on the capitol lawn in Lansing Michigan this holiday season.  The display being a response by the Detroit branch of the Satanic Temple to the planned nativity scene by a group from out of state wishing to promote their religious worldview on state property.

While news of this flavor of tit for tat rivalry is nothing new to my weary eyes and ears, I was surprised to learn that the Christian group had notified the authorities or locals that they could not follow through as they could not tear down the scene every night.  The temporary requisite, non permanent status being put up daily and torn down nightly, could not be met by the out of town Christians thus they were not going to have a display.

At this point the media became fixated on the satanic temple’s intention to place a fixture on the lawn.  Of course an uncontested “Satanic” display was taken even more as an antagonistic effort and further incensed the local Christian majority.  At this point I ask: what is the point.  In all reality, after hearing the failure of the nativity scene to be properly erected and torn down, what is the need for a responsive secular display.

The reason I ask this is simple, if the Satanic temple decided not to place a display would not the lawn been free and secular by default? The presence of the display and its intent brought unification to people all over the state bringing attention from major funding and donation driven christian leaders such as the owners of Bronner’s in Frankenmuth.  The now semi unified Christian volunteers have since gotten a display together her and it will be on the lawn opposing the Satanic “Snaketivity”.

This is a clear example of a case when doing nothing would have done much more to keep any manner of religion off the lawn of the capitol…

You can read more here… And feel free to leave your thoughts on this most auspicious of eves. Happy holidays fellow heathens.

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