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Is a Birthday Different for an Atheist? My views as I turn 28.

Its my birthday, I just turned 28, and am spending my night in. I just moved back to Malta two days ago. I am living with a friend that I only met once previous She lived with my Canadian friend, and two others, in Amsterdam. I met her when I visited him last year and she seemed cool enough then. I was looking for another adventure anyways, so why not? Plus I really enjoyed my stay here before. We spent some of the night just talking and getting to know each other. She follows the Facebook page, so she has a decent understanding of some of my views on things. It was great because we were able to share and discuss one another’s thoughts. It’s a great way to get to know each other. Plus then you can learn what each other wants to improve upon and in turn help each other grow. Basically, it will be us making fun of each other’s insecurities, in a way that helps one another overcome them. She is going to try to take on, the impossible task, of helping me learn a language (I had to go to speech class growing up, for english, my native tongue. I had to chuckle at the thought of my friends faces, as they read that, who have tried to help me learn another language before.) It was a great chat, but she had to go to bed. She has to get up early for work and she was tired.


I was open to going out, but no one really seemed like they wanted to. Not that I put much effort into planning anything for the night anyway. I did receive a skype call from a close friend in Montana. It was great to catch up and hear him jam out on his guitar ( he does a great “Wagon Wheel” cover). After that I decided to roll a joint and stay in to write. Why not? I just really enjoy writing, its a true passion of mine. Why else would I spend as much time as I have, over the last seven months, if I did not truly enjoy it? I thought it would be cool to share a more personal post with everyone for a change. I understand that many of my posts are deeply personal in various ways, but I mean one that is not as heavy, in the weight that it collectively bares on our society and each one of us individually (I could not help myself as you will read later on). I turned 28 today, so that means I was born long before the internet was mainstream. I wonder, if you’re pausing now to think about what thing you would relate the year of your birth with, in a way that the majority of people would understand. I cheated, obviously, all of you can relate to the internet otherwise you would not be able to read this.

I am not sure how others view their birthday, but I’ll share mine. I see it as just another day, in that it’s today and we should make the most of it. I use it, as a good mile marker though, it’s a great opportunity to reflect and re-organize by looking at; where I have been, where I am currently, in what direction do I want to steer the boat, and did I improve over the past year? After reviewing those (questions) for a while, I determine if I think a celebration is in order. I think celebrations are good in general, within reason of course, and as long as they are positive for you. Celebrations make us feel good and the more happy we are; the more likely we are going to be a good person, to ourselves and to others.

Celebrations are earned. Who ultimately decides if the celebration is earned, we do, within the confines of what society and humanity allows. Some people may view this and feel a sense of nervousness (I did as well, as I contemplated what my brief explanation would be). Why though? There has never been any real evidence for a divine creator; that means morals have always been, is currently, and most likely, will always be determined upon by humanity. This is not a bad way of believing either. The facts of the matter though, are that it does not even matter; how little or how much one wants to believe something is different from the facts of reality. Reality is the way it is and the way that it is, is the way that it is. That’s why I believe that it is better to think than to believe. The sooner we understand that, the quicker we will understand ourselves. We are a tiny part of reality; not above it or below it, just a part of it.


We have a powerful tool though, one that may be more powerful than anything else in the universe, our brain and the ability to think. We are a part of reality, but how long and how much we enjoy our part, is up to us. Based on history, it works far better if we work together than if we divide ourselves. Religion is a barrier; it controls people with irrational treats and irrational fears. It uses childhood and societal indoctrination, to train people to believe that if they follow “their god” they will receive the “unimaginable awesomeness, that is eternal pleasure” and if that does not work, then we will scare them with “ETERNAL DAMNATION”.

I wonder how that conversation would end,”Oh, and one more thing, all of this happens after we die.” We are completely sure though, that we know a “divine being” first hand (but atheists are the “arrogant ones” just for asking for proof, of all the gods). You see this guy went out into the wilderness all by himself and he saw an angel. Angels are like god’s elves, but unlike santa claus, god is real. See just look at the proof. There is a book written by the guy who met the elf; now even though many of the stories have been proven to be false, his god is 100% real. If you do not believe that, then we will kill you to teach you that “thou shalt not kill” or that our religion is one of peace.”


(After that brief detour of thought.) This is a celebration for me. I am doing something that I have a strong passion for and I just really enjoy writing. Why else would I spend so much of my time over the last seven months, for free, (I do not make any money currently off this) if it was not something that I truly enjoyed. It’s a great way to clear the head; something that is typically a good thing, especially after moving. It’s an opportunity to re-focus and I think it is a positive way to spend one’s time. It may have worked though, as it helps solidify some of the things I have been thinking about lately. I have been thinking about writing a book (multiples one) and staying in on one’s birthday to write is probably a good indicator that that is a good direction to steer the ship.

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