• Christopher Tanner

If I were god

If I were god, I would have set the universe in motion from an easily discoverable point of creation. I wouldn’t have told primitive beings through mental meditation techniques the importance of the origins story. To proclaim the beginning of life I would have created a pillar indestructible and visible to all those who wanted to view it

If I were god, I would have created one language that humans could all speak. It would be easily understood and without nuisance to learn. I would have enlightened man to garner the power of this language in order to prevent the division of language barriers quite unlike the biblical story of the tower of Babel where I purposely confused mankind

If I were god, the world would not have natural disasters that kill millions of people. If I felt the need to end the lives of millions I would proclaim aloud why; I would not take the innocent, but focus on those that went against my commands. I would write it in the sky or appear simultaneously to everyone to make this proclamation to allow time for repentance and redemption.

If I were god, I would I would make it known to man every time he asked me. There wouldn’t be individual visions but one consolidated vision give to those who ask where I am. Humans would know that I am real, not by having to develop and retool old philosophies, but by establishing one never changing philosophy. There would be no need for churches of varying types because everyone would know what I stood for and who I am.

If I were god, I would spend time nurturing and developing my people. The church would be my conduit but it would teach love and respect and tolerance – not hate – toward something foreign to them (as there could be nothing foreign if I was evident and universal). I wouldn’t allow a figurehead to dictate my words but would speak directly to the people as needed. Messages would be answered according to importance about new discoveries and how things vary in importance in the universe.

If I were god, evolution would be unnecessary. All species would be perfect with the forbearance to preserve the earth in all its glory. I would discourage harmful tactics on the earth as I will instruct humans to treasure what they have and not forsake the gift I have given them.

If I were god, billions of galaxies would not be necessary for the universe wouldn’t need to be so vast. Space travel would be obsolete so as to allow each human to maximize the amount of help the provide one another.

If I were god, the purpose of life would not be a question or need to be defined. It would be a given. The desire would come from within and would be self motivated without the need to worship someone.


If I were god, cancer and harmful evils would be non-existent. I would still allow for free will but would show a vision to those about to commit harmful acts what would happen if they continue. I would intervene if they started to commit those acts and would restrict the need for law enforcement because my presence would be known.

If I were god, I would stop cancer. Without evolution we would have no need for mutated genes that kill millions of people every year. I would make life disease free and if I wanted to set up a system to allow for death to live eternally with me, I would setup a time frame that would be known so we can all understand.

If I were god, I wouldn’t be needed. I wouldn’t be needed because if i took out the randomness and the joy and the sorrow and the love, then I life would be boring and scripted. My presence, while comforting, would be nothing more than taking the randomness out of life. While child cancer would cease and war would end, being a species and human would be gone. We would be autonomous beings in a world that doesn’t need our help. If I were god I would know my presence would cause more harm than positivity and would cease to be necessary.

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