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How do you view the future? (Jehovah’s Witness Leaflet)


Everything from the leaflet will be typed in italics. How do you view the future? Will our world… 

  1. stay the same?

  2. get worse?

  3. get better?

Well already we don’t have much of a choice do we? My first reaction, if this had been spoken at the door, or I mean to say if they were unlucky enough to have me greet them at my door, would be “why is it any of your concern what my view of the future is?” Regardless of my rudeness, I can see why they point towards the future to get followers. As I have been known to say, if the human race had found a cure for death, or no fear of it, religion would become obsolete. It is our fundamental flaw of fear (poetic no?) which the religious plays upon. I don’t fear hell as I know it is fiction, it holds no weight with me. I fear death in a normal sense: missing loved ones, them missing me, having to leave once the party is still going on, knowing I will miss the next Batman movie etc. I do not fear death enough to make believe I will attend a theme park afterwards, which will be even better than this life. My fear isn’t strong enough to make me deluded or irrational. So using peoples’ fear of the future is a cheap tactic of the shameless.

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ”God…will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”-Revelation 21:3, 4, New World Translation. As we know this is called cherry picking; I doubt they were going to choose between the verse that sanctions slavery, or beating women, or girls marrying their rapists… The list goes ever on. Why use such a useless qoute about God? Anyone with half a brain cell could say “what about Noah’s Ark?” Why should we listen to god now when he committed genocide before, could we trust Adolf Hitler giving us a cheap gas installation after the Holocaust? God saying that death will be no more would be more believable from the mouth of Satan, as the bible shows us, Satan only killed a few people, God killed millions.WHAT THAT CAN MEAN FOR YOU

  1. Meaningful & satisfying work. -Isaiah 65:21-23

  2. No more sickness or suffering of any kind -Isasiah 25:8; 33:24

  3. A happy, unending life with family and friends -Psalm 37:11, 29

How can God give meaningful satisfying work? Is he now running a union? The only “work” I remember him supplying in the bible was following Jesus around like a sycophant and slavery, both of these were unpaid – so hardly constitute satisfaction in my opinion. No more sickness? Incorrect, that isn’t being fulfilled by God, it is being fulfiled by the men who are attacked and hated by “Godly folks”; scientists have eradicated diseases and viruses, not dieties. If we ever reach a point of civilisation when sickness is gone (which we won’t) we would have science to thank, and no one but. An unending life with family and friends … which is happy? Bollocks. A life without end could only be palatable with a rotation of new faces; I love my family and friends but we all need respite from them every once in a while. Even now, I love my parents, but they give me a headache, I’m lucky that they are divorced as when one pisses me off I can go to see the other – respite – see what I mean about rotation?CAN WE REALLY BELIEVE WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS? Yes,  for at least two reasons:

  1. God has the ability to fulfill* the promise. In the bible, Jehovah God alone is called “the almighty,” for he has unlimited power.  (Revelation 15:3) So he is fully able to keep his promise to change our world for the better. As all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26.

Firstly,  the answer is no, the bible has been proven wrong on nearly all of its fictional stories, also scientific claims have been proven false; the genesis chapter for instance is now undoubtedly known as a bad attempt at science. Secondly, because someone has the ability to do something, it doesn’t mean they will. I have the ability to be nice to religious people, but I often fail to. Thirdly, if all things are possible, is it also possible that the bible is mostly nonsense and that God doesn’t exist? (only believers may answer)

  1. God has the desire to fulfill* the promise. For example, Jehovah has a longing to restore life to people who have died.-Job 14:14, 15.

So we can believe the bible to be true because one of its fictional characters has a desire to fulfill* the promise of bringing people back from the dead? I cannot see the logic in this point so if anyone could comment and let me know I would really appreciate it. The bible also shows that God’s son, Jesus, healed the sick. Why did he do so? because he wanted to. (Mark 1: 40,41) Jesus perfectly reflected his Father’s personality by his desire to help those in need.-John 14:9. Correct, the fictional son character did heal the sick, he also didn’t once refute any of his father’s archaic and horrendous laws, so in turn his silence on these matters (slavery, misogyny, rape) are consent; but in truth the character of Jesus, being the hippy who helps the poor, isn’t a bad one to base a faith on – not like he was a war lord who married a child amongst many women (see Islam) Jesus sadly was so far removed from his father’s personality that I am shocked they are even related or referred to in this leaflet.

Jesus taught lessons to sinners, he bore their wounds, he healed the sick and fed the poor – Hid father however committed genocide by drowning the poor, the needy, the disabled, the sick, the pregnant – all because of some bad sinners, how is this like Jesus? No one in fiction or real life have killed more than the God of the bible, so why on earth would he be compared to Jesus meek and mild? So we can be sure that both Jehovah and Jesus want to help us to enjoy a happy future!-Pslam 72:12-14; 145:16; 2 Peter 3:9.erm, no we can’t be sure of this, in fact I don’t see how the start of this leaflet correlates with the end of it – it’s almost incoherent. Let me know what you think below!

*spelling mistakes as used in the leaflet.

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