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Have Some of The Newsboys Turned Atheist?

The Newsboys, an Australian Christian Rock band that started in the 1980’s and has received national success within the Christian Rock Scene.  They are responsible for the most recent hit off the sound track God‘s Not Dead and were an intricate part of many children of the late 80’s and 90’s as they were a clean and wholesome group that promoted god through their lyrics and their lives.  But what if we told you that even a band that spent years within the main stream Christian industry has a founding member that was now an Atheist?  That probably would not surprise many of you because most atheists have at least heard of a christian leaving religion and becoming an atheist if not experienced that themselves.  The motives are always different and the story only slightly similar as many atheist have a different story to tell.


Tonight we will be talking George Perdikis, one of the original founding members of The Newsboys group.  We will get to talk with him about why he left the Newsboys, what he has been doing since, and what happens within the Christian Music scene.  He will graciously share his story about leaving the faith.  George also comes to us with some Christian Music Industry experience.  He has a story to tell about the industry and how it has morphed into a money machine that is similar to the secular industries.  We will learn George’s thoughts on what needs to change, and will help to take an inside look into an industry that more and more Christians are leaving.

Lastly tonight, we will talk with Matthew Facciani about the Science behind Religious Belief .  As a Neuroscience major, his expertise will show us why we are drawn towards religion and a more scientific way to counter beliefs.  He will give us a 30 minute presentation that will challenge everyone about on how we talk to people of faith and if there is better methods than what we are currently using.

Do not miss this episode as it is full of incite, wonder, and science.  Below is the links to watch it live or at your convenience.  We have a chat room right on our site so you can join our page and chat with everyone who is watching.  Please share this with your friends.  Comment below or message ChristopherTanner@atheistanalysis.com with ideas, suggestions, and your thoughts.

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