• Chris Hanna

God, the Perfect Tool for Dismantling Democracy

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I’m going to take the bait… I agree, “There is a war against us” and it will destroy the foundation upon which this great nation was built. The limits, checks, balances, and separation of powers will all fall to this mighty foe, a destroyer without equal, without substance, a viral kamikaze devoted to its own destruction before it could admit error. A universal evil taking many forms and all of them being that of a dark harbinger riding ionized clouds of nuclear radiation to the promised land…

Of course I am speaking of god, your god, his god, the one true god, almighty god, the list goes on but one thing remains the same. Ask the devout and they will tell you as long as humankind as been, there has always been god. At first faith was fragmented but with the creation of an inconsistent cannon of holy books it was coagulated into one; roughly speaking as the judeo/christian/islamic spikes are part of the same core monotheistic trinity. The one true source of good has supposedly been there since the beginning but I ask you what else has been there with god, feeding off god, drinking the blood of god?


Every social structure has experienced the holy war from stones to clubs to swords and guns. The constant has always been god; atop the declarations of war was the cross of a false messiah, across the chests of tyrants was bright the homicidal star of david, and burning over bodies in the streets right now is the crudely drawn face of muhammed.

Within the greatest sociological experiment of all time the first truly secular democratic nation, devoid of a national doctrine of faith or even sanctioned language, was born. The greatest political minds of the 18th century Enlightenment saw the danger of a government and a church married in holy matrimony; thus they wrote a declaration to the world, one where all were shockingly equal and deserving of the same basic inalienable human rights regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexuality… But wait… Those last four don’t count.

“Isn’t that all of them?” You ask.

Of course it is, god created this world with its almost infinite diversity and breadth of life but also despises the infidel, disparages the woman who speaks as if equal to a man, condemns the man made in the image of god who loves another man, and of course, reserves a special sense of hate for those who would deny.

This internal decay has, much like cancer, turned the bright vibrant life blood of this country, as well as many others that have fallen before, to a blackening sludge of hate and discrimination. Forward progression in the basic rights of the people has been stemmed, the rights of women are under attack, homosexuals have been entered into the mainstream but legislators are constantly looking to relegate them to secondary status, the safety of minorities is next in line, and in seven states of this proud union the atheist is already “taken care of”. The seven states listed below, with the state constitutional text that bans any “unbeliever” from holding office, are an affront to a truly free nation.

Breaking the barriers slowly and quietly for years the faithful lobby has ridden the fear campaign started in 1956 during the cold war era by replacing “Out of One Many” or “E Pluribus Unum”, with “In God We Trust” as the national motto and perverting the the paper money with it in 1957. These small steps create a legal standing place upon which the faithful can create grounds with which to segregate the unbelievers and eventually the non Christians.

Recent rulings from the Supreme Court of the United States have removed restrictions from the almost uniformly ultra conservative .1% economic elite, thereby allowing almost unlimited funds and dogma to be the foundation of many a candidate’s justification for policies in place of reason and evidence. With the highest court in the land relegated to a hopelessly conservative majority that holds that party line so strongly it is painfully predictable, the end product is a proposed theocracy poised to be the death toll of the longest and most successful secular state ever conceived. Fare thee well founding fathers, your dreams noble and just, by faith have been destroyed.

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