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“God is just Ego, Misspelled….My Ego has Better Credentials than your Ego.”

My Anti-theist Friend, Marchal: “God is just Ego, Misspelled….My Ego has Better Credentials than your Ego.”


One of my favorite people to converse with about religion is my good buddy, Marchal. I met Marchal in college, and like me, he was getting a bachelors degree in psychology. We lost touch after Heidelberg, but we recently rekindled our friendship. He contacted me after he read a couple blog posts, he was excited to share with me that he too, is an atheist. Marchal has an interesting story as well, and I would like to share with others, some of the conversation that we recently had.

After Heidelberg, Marchal went to Ohio State University, where he received a PHD in psychology. Marchal did not spend any time in the field though, because after he graduated he co-founded a start up company and has been traveling the world ever since. He has spent more time in other countries, than he has in his own, over the last couple of years.

“What is the most frustrating thing when it comes to dealing with religious people?” Marchal asked me.

“Their ego. They are extremely ignorant, yet so arrogant. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want,” I replied.


“I agree. They think, I mean, they “believe” that they can say whatever they want about other people, but they are above all laws. Christians for example, believe that everyone who does not believe in their god, deserves to be tortured forever. Seriously, how messed up is that? And then they wonder why we do not care about their childish insecurities, when it comes to their ego, aka “God.” And the majority of them have not even read the entire Bible. Again, seriously, how can someone dedicate their lives to a book, which they have not even read? It’s like an I-phone update, just scroll to the bottom and hit agree. And do you know what part makes me really frustrated?” Marchal asked me.

“No, what?” I asked.

“The fact that I get viewed negatively for saying that I am a better leader for humanity than Jesus and Muhammad. Why not? I have two degrees in psychology, a field literally dedicated to figuring out how to treat each other, in a more positive way. I have far more knowledge about Earthlings than any ancient leader, real or imaginary. That is evolution, building on top of others; just like, I will be a better person than my parents. Isn’t that the goal though, make the next generation better than the last one?”


“I agree, parents are supposed to push their kids forward, not hold them back,” I replied.

“The part that really frustrates me, is when someone, who has never traveled, tries to tell me that I should follow Jesus. Now, I will admit that I love parts of the Jesus story. Fictional or not, I like how he traveled around getting to know other Earthling, but I have traveled further and I have far more education. Where is my credit? You’re a gambler, are you betting on my ego or God’s?” Marchal said.

“That is like asking me, if I should bet on “the banana man” over Stephan Hawking, it’s no contest. Credentials and evidence matter greatly and I’ll bet on your ego over God’s ego, every day of the week,” I said.


“I thought you might, and why wouldn’t you, my ego has better credentials than most. But remember, you are not betting on my ego vs God’s,” Marchal had a mischievous grin on.

“I know, but what are you getting at?” I wondered where he was going with this.

“God is just ego, misspelled! Nothing more, nothing less!” Marchal beamed!

“I bet Hitch would be proud of that one!”

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