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Game of Thrones vs The Bible: Ramsay “The Bastard of Bolton” Snow vs. Yahweh

Ramsay Snow is a twisted and evil person who enjoys watching others suffer. Ramsay believes others should do everything he commands, and his favorite weapon of manipulation is fear. Ramsay is one of the most vile villains in the series. He commits countless atrocities against his kin, women, animals, and anyone who is near him, basically. His house sigill is the flayed man and that pretty much sums up this character. It makes one wonder how George R.R. Martin came up with such a character: violent, hate filled, enjoys torturing others, uses fear to get his way, treats women poorly (to put it mildly), and believes everyone should obey him. If I did not know any better, I would say that sounds a lot like the Yahweh from the Bible.

If you’re christian and upset by that comparison, who cares? Seriously though, odds are you have not read the whole Bible; keep dedicating yourself to a book which you have not even read. If Ramsay Snow was real, he would be diagnosed as suffering from antisocial and narcissistic personality disorder. Basically, he feels no remorse or guilt for harming others, and he believes he is more important than anyone else. Again, this seems to perfectly describe Yahweh of the Bible. How else can one explain hell and commandment number one of the Ten Commandments?

Hell was created to punish man forever for trying to become educated; seriously, what kind of messed up parent would do everything they could to keep their children ignorant and in fear? Then the “most important” commandment, the first one, is an order reminding everyone that Yahweh is the only god who should be worshipped.

“Only worship me!”

Who is more likely to say that line, Yahweh or Ramsay Snow? What about “raping women is ok”- Yahweh (was going to post just one verse, but there are so many to choose from, check here) or Ramsay Snow? The comparison that says it all, is the comparison of Reek to Fundamentalist christians. Reek worships the ground Ramsay walks on, but it is not love; it is fear. Ramsay tortured Reek until fear drove the humanity from him; how is that different from fundamentalist christians? They fear hell more than anything else, even if it means sacrificing the love they are suppose to have for their children. Just look at the issue of marriage equality. 1800 years after Yahweh was created by man, most nations still do not allow people to marry for love. How does that sound like a loving character?

Ramsay Snow was evil and violent, but he did not kill nearly as many people as Yahweh did. He did not have to though, for people could see what kind of character he was. It is easy to be objective when one has not been brainwashed from birth to believe a character is good, despite all the evidence to the contrary. It took only a couple murders for people to wake up to Ramsay Snow’s evil nature; how many will it take before people wake up to the evil nature of the Bible’s “favorite character?”

In the mythological world of the Bible, there is no such number; it is demonstrated by how many people love the Noah’s Ark story, even though it is a story about a parent murdering 99% of his children. The real question is,

“How many more Earthlings have to suffer in reality, which is the dimensions of space and time that we all actually live in and share with one another, before people wake up to the evil nature of the Bible’s villain?”

Just look at history. Facts do not lie.

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