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Fortune Favors the Bold, Lest Thou be Judged.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Sometimes you interact with a person, a tiny light, hidden beyond your expectations, a different color but clearly a light of similar origin.  Sometimes that light illuminates something that you never expected to see, something that you never saw alone, and shall see forever more even when that light has sent its last rays through your short path through the immensity that is time and life as we know it.

A recent antagonist has left my sphere it would seem, a person of immense passion and learning, albeit of a very explicit and often confusing area of meta knowledge for a lack of a better term.  This philosophical maze I had the opportunity to navigate for the better part of a month was fraught with slippery slopes, fallacies of all kinds, and even fantastical claims that forced me to delve into the source material of a belief upon which I did, and still do, find perilous for the future of humanity.

I learned of seeing things, of ways messages are manipulated with the solution known first then the path created after, the benefits of scholarly inquiry filtered through a confirmational bias reaffirming a state of mind only open to its own rigid truths, and of the devolution of argument when the tables turn and the onslaught comes from the intended victims.  I saw a small community, quiet and self effacing use its beautiful evidence based relationship with the world enter open dialogue demanding extraordinary claims be verified with extraordinary evidence.

I am sorry to see such an opponent go only on the basis that I fear the short lived unity, the comradery against a common foe, and the frequency of communication shall be lost.  For the many moments of sheer frustration enduced, for the one moment of elation brought about by “Gene”ing a giant intellectual dump, and for the childish exit barred by the walls of an unwillingness to concede a permanent difference of opinions I bid thee farewell.  May your tiny world forever satisfy you.

It is on this day May 20th the year 13.8 plus billion years of our creation I sincerely announce the departed.  Unto the aether dost thou arrive, forever thus in contemplation as thine composition ist naught but stardust.

With amicable disgust I turn away from the time of Gene.

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