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Earth Science Tidbit of the Day #1: The amount of hours in our days are changing!

Earth Science Tidbit of the Day

Can’t seem to find enough time to cross off everything on your ‘to do’ list? No worries, before long you’ll have a full 25.5 hours in a day to accomplish all of your awesomeness!

That is just going to make my watch look ridiculous.

That is just going to make my watch look ridiculous.

‘Before long’ geologically speaking, of course. The earth’s rate of rotation isn’t constant; it slows down a fraction of a second every year. But it shouldn’t take more than 250 million years, give or take a million, to get you that extra hour and a half.

If an extra hour and a half seems paltry, you could always head out to Venus where you’d get an extra 5,808. That’s right, a single day on Venus lasts the equivalent of 243 modern Earth days. Venus rotates so slowly, in fact, that each Venusian day lasts longer than a Venusian year (which takes 224.7 Earth days). Why, you could bang out a century in just over 9 days!

Mondays, on the other hand, should definitely be relegated to Jupiter where they’d make way for less challenging days in a mere 9.9 hours.

Tanya Higgins is a former young-earth creationist passionately engaged in a heroic effort to make up for lost time. Pursuing an advanced degree in Paleobiology, she is currently working as a double-major in Ecology/Evolutionary Biology and Geology, with a minor in Fine Arts; all of which she uses to combat the foolishness of fundamentalist religion. In her spare time, she hovers maternally over a captive colony of dermestid beetles, creating skeletal

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