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Devil’s advocate: Ever thought of applying it to your religion?

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Obeying God to gain reward is no different to jumping in a black van because you are promised sweets.

It is tempting, but that is the nature of a con. Risks are involved.

It seems that the term ‘devils advocate‘ can be implemented on many occasions, yet hilariously exempt from religion. Surprisingly, the nature of the term does nothing to inspire anyone to question their own belief.

We live by the ‘three b’s‘.

We are born, we believe, we are buried.

Look closely, there’s a lie in there somewhere.

Godandscience.org says about Satan:

According to the Barna Group, the majority of Christians do not believe that Satan or the devil actually exists. However, according to an AP-AOL news poll, up to 97% of evangelical Christians believe that angels exist. Contrary to the beliefs of many, Satan is not the opposite of God—an anti-god. According to the Bible, Satan is a created being, having been created by God as His most powerful angelic helper. So, Satan is an angel who rebelled against God.

So let’s say Satan is Christianity’s Edward Snowden. No one today would listen solely to a western governments take on Snowden’s rebellion.

Attribution: Laura Poitras / Praxis Films

As the hacker group Anonymous state:

‘In the age of information, ignorance is a choice‘

Whatever your thoughts are on hacktivism, it brings up an interesting point that begs to be considered. Propaganda is rife in the world. The US/UK governments will label whistle-blowers as traitors. To others they are seen as humanitarians spreading suppressed truths.

In the age of information people opt to hear both sides. We watch video interviews, follow bloggers, read foreign media interpretations. We look at both sides of the coin for abigger, more informative perspective.

Many nations during World War I & II used propaganda, influential due to limited communication methods with enemy nations, much of it biased. North Koreans see the same, unless Kim Jong really does hit a hole in one every time he swings a golf club. He also invented the hamburger if this article is to be believed. What next, walking on water?!

We are in an age of instantaneous global communication, speeds generations before were deprived of. Today, isolated tribes still demonstrate that our understanding of the world is greatly influenced by those around us. No doubt a huge factor in explaining why believers believe.

Steve Evans- Citizen of the World

So then, let’s hear Satans interpretation, written by men, inspired by the devil.


What we get instead is the biblical telling of the fall out. Why no opposition? There is less belief in Satan and a complete disregard of his version of events regardless.

Contrary to Godandscience, the washingtonexaminer.com summarises a stronger belief in the Devil in the United States:

‘The YouGov survey found that 57 percent believe the devil lurks; 72 percent for African Americans and 61 percent for women. Republicans said the devil exists more than Democrats, 65 percent to 55 percent.’

Still, if there was a Satan: My Story, it would not be a best-seller.

We are fed so much information in an instant that news stories are compared, eye witness accounts are heard and conspiracy sites gain big hits. It is as if we desire the truth in every aspect apart from the one that will determine our eternal fate. Even news that does not affect us creates enough curiosity to delve that little bit deeper. Were the Olympic and Titanic  secretly switched before that fateful maiden voyage? That argument is still alive and well and has been since 1912. But is Satan a victim of God’s propaganda? “Meh, I will ride that one out”.

I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Jesus- Luke 10:18

Okay cool. But George W. Bush spoke with God before invading Iraq. Zeus turned into a cuckoo to con his sister into marrying him. My neighbour is convinced he saw Elvis the other day. It was said, but it miiight not be true.

Well those who believe that the devil doesn’t exist you better get prepared to be tormented for the rest of eternity after you die. You have all been deceived by satan’s greatest lie, that he doesn’t exist. Everyone has a choice to make, do the right thing and believe that Jesus died for your sins to give you life. A true step of faith. Or you decide to follow the blindly all those who reject his teachings and commit yourselves to the fires of hell to be tormented for eternity. The day is coming that if you decide to change your mind and follow Christ it will be to late for you. The devil is alive and well seeking who he may devour but beware as he he is nothing but a wolf disguised in sheep’s clothing. Can you tell me with 100% certainty without the slightest hint of a doubt without having a heart of stone that God or the devil don’t exist? I know the truth and it has set me free and have no doubts what so ever about my faith can you say the same because evil can’t! John 3:16 read it. Weescottiedug- Internet freethinker


What Weescottiedug fails to realise here is that he is benefiting from this logic as much as he would benefit by giving credit card details over the phone after winning the Nigerian lottery. How can anyone be so taken in by a story with only one perspective? Three teenage girls are still missing in Syria after secretly leaving Britain, possibly due to influential social media propaganda.

It is possible to be drawn in by deceit when we believe it will lead us to bliss.

We show caution in our daily lives, it would be wise to do the same when the stakes are infinitely high.

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