• Chris Hanna

Childhood’s End

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Where are the soldiers of god for the children in need today. We hear the campaign slogans, protest chants, and Chick tract reiterations for the sanctity of life, the equality of the fetus, and the validity of all life from the moment of conception to birth… But it gets painfully quiet thereafter. The children of the state wander from desolation to squalor within the great absence of morality, permeating the impoverished family unit; mother, father and 1.5 children…

Events within the scope of my life and from many first person readings, now rampant within the blogosphere, I have accumulated a sense of disdain and utter chagrin towards the complexity of the broken home, with its satirical legal profitability. Having been spared the pressure of social insecurity by a family, real and complex in it’s own way, that never reached any sort of critical mass to fracture beyond repair; I have thus to relate from behind a fourth wall.


I mentioned the complexity earlier because in most cases there is no clear answer to the ethical dissolution of the parental rights, no moral clarity striking the pure white papers of judgment, and no simple solution to the hands of the sculptor who wins the clay of a small child. In most cases, I repeat, most… There are many stories I have had the misfortune of contact with; sorrows not because of regret or disgust on my part, but for the empathy I never seem to hear, the understanding of a life not quite as good as yours, not quite as important in the social landscape…

I allude of course to the social situations of a child trapped in legality, when a case so clear has presented itself that the judges gavel seems to vibrate, beckoning a strike, throwing vehement repercussions to those who would, in pure selfishness, destroy a child for their own personal comfort. Stories of children used for tax evasion, pharmaceutical sources, and even paycheck alimony make me wonder where is the morality and faith of the judges upon high, to vindicate their open declarations during electoral campaigns. Their incessant pandering to people looking for a judge that will put the rights of the child, the family, and the citizen above that of the lowly criminal.

I do not wish to make this overtly antagonistic to the faith as there is plenty of godlessness in any destructive parental analysis, but I do wish to accuse a group of leaders that rise to positions of responsibility and moral fiber, simply because I cannot help but notice an inconsistency. There are countless stories of children ground into repeat offenders within a legal system benefiting the lawyer far before the individual truly in need of a second chance. Unabashedly, I speak of situations where there is no question of a danger to the innocent, a victim in the life decisions of another, and finally the fact of a “genetic offspring” clouding the simply logical solutions of severing ties with a poisonous parental liability.


I mentioned empathy earlier to provide a stage where we could place the elected official or authority figure within a role reversal. A landscape where they were the ones trying to save a child from clear and present danger. To give them a taste of the deep seated dread of watching a small frame disappear into the shadows behind a slammed front door. The nauseous silence when driving away, encompassed in what feels like a failure to protect something you love more than your own life. This is the regular pain of hundreds of thousands of parents and people who care for a child imprisoned by a broken world.

If there is a morality, god-fearing or god-less it matters not, that should rise above the pathetic segregation of humanity, leaving the most important parts of our society to wait for help that may never come, it would be to protect the children from harm. Once again I remind you, dear reader, that this is an allusion to the black and white case, the scenario where there is an overt danger to a child. Yet watching from afar the platform of Christ, stood upon by our chosen representatives and judges, here is an atheist that cries bitter tears for the horrors of “Childhood’s End”…

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