• Christopher Tanner

Cellar Door Skeptics #75: Chris Hanna and Aaron Furlong Debate! Is Evolution a Dead Theory?

#75: DEBATE – “Is evolution a dead theory?”

Cellar Door Skeptics presents the debate between Aaron Furlong and Chris Hanna. The positive will be taken by Creationist Aaron Furlong and the negative will be taken by Chris Hanna. The topic is “Is Evolution a Dead Theory?”


#evolution #atheist #science #creationist #presuppositionalist

10 min opening statements each -whoever is making the positive claim goes second 5 min rebuttals each. 3 min Break 7 min Aaron Questions Time 7 min Chris Question Time 5 min Aaron Question Time 5 min Chris Question Time 3 min break 10 min Audience Questions 6 min closing arguments -whoever is making the positive claim goes first

#presuppositionalist #creationist #evolution #Science #ATHEIST

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