• Christopher Tanner

Cellar Door Skeptics 48: Patent Trolls Live Long and Prosper


#48: Patent Trolls Live Long and Prosper After last weeks long discussion about gun control and secular addiction recovery services, we bring you a more variety show that covers a range of topics that have been burning our bottoms. We begin with a tribute to Star Trek 50 years along with a special rant from Christopher about Indoctrination. The show continues with a discussion on Medical Patent Trolls and Hillary’s 100K dinner fundraisers. The duo tops the show off with their science segment about Luca the ancestor of all known things. 00:00 Ranting and Star Trek 50

34:17 Medical Patent Trolls

63:02 100K Hillary Fundraising

85:02 Meet Luca, the proposed ancestor of all living things. Episode: https://www.spreaker.com/user/cellardoorskeptics/startrek50

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