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Cellar Door Skeptics 177: Has Trump been a good President?

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Tonight the episode looks into a debate that was had between two passionate individuals. One of those individuals is a trump supporter and believes that Trump has been a great president. The other debater does not feel that trump is a good president and is hopeful of a change next election cycle.

The debate format is casual, with Christopher Tanner acting as the moderator. The concept of the debate is to allow for the two to discuss some major points about his presidency, policies and some overarching issues of the Republican Party.

The debate initially started when Dallas offered $300 to anyone willing to debate him on if Trump is a great president. They agreed to donate the money to charity once the debate is over.


Dallas D is taking the side that Trump is a great president and has done a great job.

His bio: “I’m just a guy who likes debating ideas. I am a Nashville musician with a casual interest in politics. Mike and I grew up in the same town and went to elementary school and middle school together.”

Miike S is taking the opposition and doesn’t think Trump has been good as a president.

His position: “I hold the belief that Donald Trump as our president is bad for both America and the world. I believe Donald Trump’s rhetoric of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ has cultivated a following that is willing to dismiss facts and scientific research as left wing media and liberal conspiracies. I think it is dangerous to have American voters groomed to distrust any media that challenges their political beliefs. I find his inept tweets and speeches condoning violence embarrassing and dangerous. He has failed domestically, where he demonstrates poor leadership and continues to drive a divide within our nation. He has failed abroad, where he embarrasses our nation, disrespects allies whilst celebrating violent regimes, and abandons the international community’s drive to protect our environment.”

His bio: “I grew up in Evans, GA where I met Dallas in elementary school. I’ve since been friends with him mostly through social media where we’ve discussed different perspectives. I left Georgia in 2005 and moved to California, where I graduated college. I currently work and live in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the pharmaceutical industry as a Group Leader/Scientist in Laboratory Automation and Programming. I don’t discuss politics often since Trump’s election. However, I hold a general interest in different world perspectives and how politics shape societies. This interest has guided my travels to places like the Crimean peninsula, the Middle East, and North Korea. I don’t believe I hold any merit that especially qualifies me to understand Trump’s presidency better than anyone else, and I hope to be viewed as an average voting American sharing my perspective.”

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