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Cellar Door Skeptics 174: Wight Walkers Carbon Foot Print

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The shows starts off with the duo talking about End Game and the recent GOT epic battle. They try and leave out all the spoilers and focus just on their experiences with these shows.

The show continues with examining if Non-believers could be the key to swing the election for the democrats or if it will just be another Trump 2020 pony show. They look at the recent studies that show non-belief has surpassed christians and how this could affect things.

A great article from a local paper sparked their interest and they delved into what is the difference between Liberal Socialism and Democratic Socialism. If you believed that Bernie is a Democratic Socialist do not miss this segment as they dissect the beliefs of some of the recent candidates.

Last article for the night covers an NPR report on whether or not companies like Blue Apron are better for the environment than grocery stores. No the duo has not sought sponsorship, but they are interested in examining the carbon footprint each has.

The show closes as usual with their Quick Saves of the week.

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