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Cellar Door Skeptics 147: Early Prevention with the Blue Wave Vaccine, Featuring Heidi Zuniga


Cellar Door Skeptics has started the push to help give a voice to the local candidates running for office in Michigan. They start their series talking with the candidates that will make a difference if elected into office this year.

The series kicks off by talking with Democrat, Mother, and Teacher Heidi Zuniga. We talk a look at the 88th district and the changes that Heidi could bring to help decrease the amount of Red we all see in our state. She is facing off against Luke Meerman, an ultra conservative Republican who has a hard time working for women’s rights while using his status, money, and friends to help get him a seat on the ticket this November.

We talk with Heidi about the beginning of her campaign, what she is doing to better her community, and why we should work toward voting in grassroots campaigns that care about the constituents without succumbing to large corporate interests.

Check out a down to earth women who deserves your vote this November.

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