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Cellar Door Skeptics 140: Death of a Military Parade


Special Guest: Boyce L of Mindful Skeptics Podcast

Trump is at it again blaming others for the failings of his team and the governments unwillingness to support his military parade. The parade has been called off by Trump and we have the latest discussion on why Trump thinks it is ridiculous he had to cancel his military parade.

If that put you in too much of a sad clown mood, the team decided to cover the top 100 horror stories ever written. NPR categorized the top 100 horror stories and the team decides to talk through all the nostalgia of their youth growing up reading some amazing stories.

They transition into talking about a new wear resistant alloy metal that could revolutionize how often parts break down. A new discovery has happened where a team has discovered platinum gold alloy that does not have as much wear and tear as other metals. This could change how we make things and how we can reduce the amount of waste in our environment.

Lastly Chris Squared talk about Manafort and the charges that he could be facing. While this is nothing new, they look at what it would mean for Trump to pardon him, if Trump will pardon him, and what that means for other countries.

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