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Cellar Door Skeptics 128: Rome is Burning and We are Drinking Gasoline


After a week leave of absence, the hosts rejoin reality and the show to talk about some important discoveries and opinions. Back in episode 105, the team talked about baby drop boxes and how they had been successful in other states as a means to drop off a baby without alerting the law to it. Recently a law has been passed for Michigan that will allow for some of these baby drop boxes to be placed in Michigan. They talk through what the means and how important of a bipartisan step that Michigan lawmakers have made.

The without much ado, Chris Squared talk about #45 nomination of Gina Haspel, the Queen of Torture. They discuss their disappointment an this pick as well as all the members who help confirm her to the Director of the CIA seat. In an effort to be impartial, they look at her record, how it fits into where we are at as a country, and if we get to “Hilary Did It” to wash any dirty laundry Gina may bring to the table.

The show ends discussing a study on CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility. The study dove into how corporations are going above and beyond to drive social change, and what that allows for employees to do. You would think this would be good for society and in turn for the world. But the study is not as favorable to this as one would hope.

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#GinaHaspel #CIA #WarCrimes #CSR #torture #Podcast #BabyBoxes #CorporateSocialResponsibility #hillaryclinton

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