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Cellar Door Skeptics 120: Betsy Devos Dumpster Fire and Jesus Returns


Cellar Door Skeptics returns this week with an in depth look into Betsy Devos and her recent interview blunder. The duo talks through the fact that she was not able to present her platform with anything more than talking points. They also examine the school rankings in hopes that Betsy will listen to the episode and be able to actually go to some of the schools that may need help. They also compare the difference in rating from Charter Schools to Public Schools to see if there is any truth behind Betsy Devos candid claim that Choice is Better.

Later Tanner interviews Author Matthew James a PHD Neuroscientist who has written a book about Jesus Returning. Now this is not your average book and the interview is full of irrelevance and laughter. The book is about Jesus coming back to try and reclaim the earth after the failure of his father, God, to do so. Humans are just running to wild without his divine presence and Jesus tries to rectify it. This light hearted interview will let you get to know the author and preview a funny book.

The show ends on a high note, talking about Fusion and how it is playing a role in changing how we perceive energy. They talk through the science behind a new experiment done recently and examine what fruits may come from this type of discovery.

Don’t forget you can join Cellar Door Skeptics April 7th at the Michigan Atheist 30th State convention in Farmington Hills Michigan.

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