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Atheistmix: Helping Godless People Find Guilt Free Relationships

As a person in a committed relationship for the better part of a decade I found myself taken back by a query we received on the Atheist Analysis Facebook page.  “Where are the Atheist and Agnostic dating sites?”  With the commonality of internet dating and digital matchmaking stamped for approval by a giant holy symbol of torture and oppression we see Christian Mingle like sites leaking from new digital billboards and computer screens.  Yet when we ask for a site for our group labels like strident, elitist, hateful, and heretical are thrown about like grenades at a suicide party.  Well with my full support I will now let a new friend and hopefully successful entrpreneur tell you, if you are looking or are just interested in spreading the word, about a page for us, a site for us, and a place where judgement is waived in the humane search for that perfect person.  -Deafilosophy-

So without further ado I introduce a new friend:

My name is Justin and I would like to introduce myself. I am a young entrepreneur working on my own startup company. It is called the http://www.theatheistmix.com/ and I’ve been working very hard on it. It is a dating site for atheist and agnostic people. I created this site because as an atheist I know it can be difficult in the dating world. I’ve had a hard time coming out as an atheist in my very religious family and community. My family is southern Baptist and I grew up in a very religious atmosphere. So I know there may be few like minded people around.

I created this site to find other like minded single people and for it to be a haven not have to worry about friends or family finding out your views if you wish to keep them secret. Or just eliminate that awkward moment on a date when you are asked about your religious background. With the help of my friends here at Atheist Analysis I am writing this to promote this site to the people and offer a safe place for atheist and agnostic single people to meet. It is very cheap and free to start! This isn’t about money, it is about letting other atheist and agnostic people know that we are not alone as I have been an atheist since 2007 and know the difficulties myself.

Atheist 2

Growing up in a very religious family, it was very scary that I had thoughts of non-belief against a lot of the stuff I learned in church. When I was younger I didn’t know what an atheist even was. I thought something was wrong with me until I finally started to do some research online and I was very happy to find out that I wasn’t alone. I learned that I wasn’t the only one starting to question religion, what I had been told over the years at a young age, and of course I had people get mad at me for questioning or second guessing them about certain restricted subjects.

As a young adult I found it a little difficult in the dating world. A lot of people want their daughter with a nice “Christian man” where I’m from or vice versa. While on a date I would always get the question: “What kind of religious background do you have?” or “What is your denomination?” When I would tell them I’m an atheist they would always get the deer in the headlight look…it gets old fast! I had girls date me or like me, but soon as they find out that I am an atheist the relationship would end.

I had this idea a few years ago because there were not any dating sites out there specifically for atheists and agnostics. Finally, I got the chance to create Atheist Mix and try to help people like me find other people with the similar views. I was secretly an atheist for almost 3 years before coming out. I have to say, I really found out who my real friends were and some family members that truly had my back no matter what. Some people I’m friends with that are atheist are still keeping it a secret but I also think this site would be good for them because they can come here where we protect their secrecy and allow them to be themselves.

I think my site would be perfect for a lot of like minded people because I do truly care about my fellow atheists; I know what it is like to face judgment and always be looked down on after telling your date about your lack of religiosity. Or having your relationship change after coming out. I have my site very reasonably priced and free to join. The price is also very competitive when compared to the other larger dating sites. A lot of the other sites require you to buy three to six months at a time for membership and it is a set price. I have my site set up to three different levels.

I have a free version which is pretty limited, but still gives the member a chance to explore the site before making a purchase. The Gold Membership is inexpensive and easy to get started. Then there is the Platinum Membership which everything is unlimited and gives you full access. I thank you all for your time in reading this. I wish you all the freedom to be who you truly are without pressure or judgement and to find the relationship that you deserve,.

Sincerely, Justin R. Lanton Founder & President

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