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Are Believers the Most Arrogant Atheists?

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Atheism. The disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods. There are plenty to choose from and with insufficient evidence, plenty to disprove. So how does one go about doing so? Well, wait until a religion presents credible evidence. One that actually stands out from the ordinary.

It makes sense. Instead of doing the impossible and spending a lifetime analysing the seemingly endless line of false prophets, wait for one to impress you.

That is what the religious community decides to do. If you ask a Christian what it would take to convert to Islam, the answer will be solid evidence. Meeting Allah face to face. Something that us utterly irrefutable and can no longer cast any shadow of doubt.

I share this stance.

If I tell a Muslim I am not a Muslim, I am labeled an atheist, whereas if I told a Christian that I’m not a Muslim, I’m simply not a Muslim. Why is that? Why the two perceptions?

The way I’m perceived- an atheist, an infidel, a rejector of Christ etc.- is unique not because I have these views, rather because there are billions that share my disbelief yet successfully evade such titles. Similarly, the way I’m perceived as an atheist of their religion, you are no different. You are an atheist, even if the term freaks you out. You just aren’t called one.

So why refrain from calling yourself an atheist? Oh, that’s right, their religion doesn’t count. Only yours. As your God is the true God, the rejection of other deities isn’t ‘atheism’, it is just common sense. Even though they think the same thing about your religion, this doesn’t matter. It never will.

I received this reply to a comment recently after asking the question: Aren’t you an atheist to all other belief systems of the world?

Well, I believe there is only one Diety. I’m not an Atheist to all other deities, because there is no such thing as “Other deities”. I’m not the one that walks around with a label describing myself as a disbeliever of something/someone who doesn’t exist. If they don’t exist, why bother doing anything that ridiculous? I carry one label, and that is: I am a Theist. There is one God. And I know Him by Who He is.

On this occasion Christianity is represented. This logic isn’t limited to said religion, we see this endless cycle of arrogance and apparant religious superiority the world over. And with this blatant disregard for other faiths, I do not see a positive future of religious compatibility.

“I’m not the one that walks around with a label describing myself as a disbeliever of something/someone who doesn’t exist. If they don’t exist, why bother doing anything that ridiculous?”

Well, I’m confident this WordPresser would disagree if I said this about his beliefs. Unfortunately we have to label ourselves as disbelievers to remind you that your beliefs are just as unbelievable that others.

As Richard Dawkins states in his book The God Delusion:

We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.

So next time you are having a discussion with a theist, label them an atheist. Notice the confusion, then when they tell you that ‘other Gods don’t count’, remind them of how arrogant they sound. Then, remind yourself on your wise decision to treat all religions equally and fairly and why being an atheist isn’t a damaging stance to take.

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