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Abortion and Education: A love Hate Story of Faith and Consequences

Before I begin, I bid you, take a breath, in then out. Let the preconceptions and rigid guard you came in with down. I am not here to criticize, debunk, disprove, or solve the endless argument for the beginning of life. This metaphysical and moderately circular argument, life and when it begins, has been here since before I was, and will be here well after I have left. What I wish to consider is a world where that black and white definition is unimportant, where the abortion question has been relegated to the dustbins of a society past.

I wish to talk about consequences, specifically future predictions of the reactions that might result from a series of decisions. Without regulating sexuality, banning abortion, or mandating birth control for all citizens how could we reduce the unwanted or surprise pregnancy, and with it the possible request for an abortion? How could we create a self policing population that actively chooses to avoid scenarios where the results could be the creation of human lives, whilst protecting the natural and very human instinct to copulate?

I know I am leading the witness here but humor me, without external force, influence, or regulation what could possibly lead to a society that weighs the options and acts to avoid pregnancy when not intentional? A society driven by a complete understanding of consequences and provided with the free will as well as resources to be unbiased in such behavior. “Utopian” you smugly assert, a magic society where people abstain or use protection consistently is impossible. I assure you it is not; a minute of studying these birth rate numbers as well as reported abortions might sway your mind to the small scale situation. Interesting findings such as those reported in countries like Japan and Germany where birthrates are both very low yet abortion is banned in Japan and legal in Germany, how do they both manage such success? A trial and scalar success is usually the precursor to the true experiment in scientific understanding and we can learn from both of these countries.


Let us say we use the concepts utilized in Central Europe and Japan to streamline the emphasis on responsibility in our society. Well, where should we start? I suggest education, the most obvious and important aspect for the formation of future generations of citizens. But something will have to be removed… You see it already don’t you?…

If everyone was effectively taught about all the very explicit workings and functions of the many sexual reproductive methods as well as the various kinds of self, couple, same sex, and multiple individual gratifications the mystery would be removed; the misconceptions and general ignorance of the very serious consequences would be relatively eliminated. The reason is hidden in the long term, I would like to use as evidence the number of people who consume cigarettes now versus the past. There has been a very graphic successful marketing campaign and political agenda to effectively promote the dangers of smoking, this same long term education to the explicit factors of unplanned pregnancy could easily be transposed.


Eliminating religious censorship in the education system not because of the shame or embarrassment of “knowing what is actually goin on down there” has already been proven a positive force for removing unwanted youth pregnancies, since some of the most religious regions of the united states also have some of the highest teen pregnancy rates. This is a result of ignorance, or proposed ignorance anyways. The human brain has evolved to know EXACTLY how to instinctively reproduce, what it doesn’t evidently know are the social and economic risks as those are issues that nature would probably never effectively interpret.

So back to the issue at hand, we have a society that allows abortion yet doesn’t properly teach its children about the dangers of unprotected sex or more specifically how easy unwanted pregnancy is to avoid. Other countries have managed to reduce birthrates across the board with education and ease of access to contraceptives as well as low religiosity indexes to minimize misinformation and sexual shaming. There is a direct correlation here, a wall made of faith, that is preventing the one thing I propose will reduce the need for abortion in the future, quality education.

I propose that if the next generation was educated in a secular manner with the very specific scientific information available to everyone through the majesty of the world wide web, there would be an increase, overall, of responsibility and rational thinking on such issues. A properly educated person, who rationally analyzes situations is going to be far more unlikely to make decisions that would result in pregnancy, primarily through their use of contraceptives. Because let’s face it, people enjoy having sex way too much to ever effectively shame them into submission. The next time a teenager on autopilot, swimming in pubescent hormones, is alone with another teen where there is a bible and a box of condoms on the dash, which one do you think will help prevent the future need for an abortion?

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