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#33: The Order of Elijah – Christian Metal Apostate Shannon Low!


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#33: The Order of Elijah – Christian Metal Apostate

The Pathos article that sparked the interview: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2016/05/22/the-lead-singer-of-a-christian-metal-band-just-came-out-as-an-atheist

In this special edition of Cellar Door Skeptics, we interview Shannon Low the lead singer of The Order of Elijah. We talk about his conversion to Christianity, lapse of faith, and descent into atheism. This episode touches home as we see more and more individuals leaving the faith. Check out this interview that will tickle your sense and give you a sense of what their band is about.


#christianity #atheism #apostate #thorderofelijah

#apostate #atheism #Christianity #thorderofelijah

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