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3 Virtues of Peter Kassig That We Should All Embody

We sometimes forget that we’re only here for a short time. That all we have is now and that tomorrow is not guaranteed. That our uses of attention and the path we take influence the stories others will tell about us when we’re gone. They determine what kind of memory we will be for people.

I write this with a heavy heart as yet another non-combatant has been murdered by terrorists. His name was Peter Kassig.

Peter was an American aid worker from Indiana. The 26 year old Iraq war veteran was kidnapped in 2013 while delivering relief supplies to refugees on the Syrian border. [1]

Peter was destined for great things.  He dedicated his life to helping victims of war.  He found his passion helping those in need and was committed to solving the problems he saw in the world.  He even started his own non-profit.

He put himself in harms way to pursue the well-being and happiness of people that he’d never met before and didn’t need to care about.  He was moved by love and compassion to make a difference; to create a better world.

He was a devoted humanitarian and died wanting others to flourish.  He leaves behind a lasting purpose and significance.  His story will always be told in a positive way, and his accomplishments are truly lasting.

If there was ever someone that modeled the golden rule, it was Peter Kassig.

Here are 3 Virtues of Peter Kassig That We Should All Embody

1) Selflessness

Selflessness is to place the needs of others as higher than your own.  It is the opposite of selfishness. To give to others without thought of how you will be rewarded. And to act without the expectation of acknowledgement. Selflessness is essential for friendships, relationships, and true love.

Selfless people are motivated by a feeling of oneness and unity with others. They realize that we’re all in this togetherand are aware of the deep fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness possible from helping others. Selfless people find a type of fulfillment that goes beyond labels and titles.

Truly selfless people shine through and we are instinctively drawn to them. We admire and appreciate them and realize that they should be recognized.

2) Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand what someone is feeling. To truly listen to someone, to put yourself in their shoes, and to try and know what’s it’s like to be them.

Empathy is one of our most elevated human gifts. It supports desirable values in society like understanding and collaboration. It connects us and holds us together.

Empathetic people have a truly authentic presence and stay open with themselves and others. Their transparency motivates people to open up to and trust them. Empathetic people accept others fully, care deeply, love endlessly, focus on what truly matters, and gain real understanding of people.

3) Vision A vision is whom you see yourself becoming. A motivation to pursue your dreams, find your purpose, and achieve your goals. A clear focus towards the many possibilities of the future.

A vision is the power to see beyond your current reality. To imagine and dream of what could be.

A vision allows you to declutter your mind of all the insignificant worries that plague us. To stay focused and perservere when times get tough. To set priorities, connect with your passions, use your imagination, and give your life a sense of meaning. Vision is beneficial to your self-esteem because your self-worth increases as you set goals and work to achieve them.

Why this matters.

We will never create the world we all want by being selfish.

Imagine the change possible if we all were to live like Peter for just one weekend a month.

Imagine the world we could live in if everyone was given the chance to reach their full potential.

We don’t all start from the same starting line in life.  Reach out and help when you see someone in need.  We’ll never make the world any better without lifting up those less fortunate than us.

How do you help people in need?

If you’re touched by this story and like to donate, the Kassig family is asking that donations be made to the Syrian American Medical Society.

Facebook Remembering Abdul-Rahman Peter Kassig

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[1] http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/memorial-service-honors-american-aid-worker-slain-isis-peter-kassig-n253561

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